September 15, 2023

Andrew's Book Tracker

Your one-stop shop for Andrew's book review list. This is the direct view into Notion.

Andrew's Book Tracker
Andrew's Book Tracker

If you're not into notion or databases, most of these books will have their own blog post dedicated to it. BUT, if you don't want any of that fluffy website, content creation B.S., this is the singular blog post for you. You're also welcome to jump over to the public notion page for an easier experience here:

Andrew Monroe's Notion - Book Tracker

Also, keep in mind this is a ~live~ project so there will be plenty of missing information.

Bonus, if you disagree with my opinions, book choices, reviews, ratings, etc. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. Hit me with your arguments. I look forward to my mind being changed.

If you'd like to suggest a book, I have a form for that here! <-

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