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"All" sounds like too big a number, but we're going with it. Carpe Diem, b****.

Dead by Tomorrow

A mindset practice to help you grow and succeed in your life.

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A Leaf and Pebble

Two friends. A few airships. One shadowy group. A phenomenal ride through a new world rich in action and adventure.

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Honestly, I'm hugely partial to Audible. I drive a lot, and there's also nothing better than cooking while listening to an audiobook.

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Good character looking forward to see more of Nils journey......also looking forward to Rooks return...I am sure he has more skills to teach

Andy Uthon

This is an epic fantasy, and it reads smoothly with bits of humor that remind me of Terry Lee Goodkind! I absolutely loved reading this book and am going to be on the lookout for more from this author!

Ray Marie

Easy to read book with a great perspective on life. Andrew did a great job with this one!

Christy Melson

Helped me really cut through all the 'noise' and to reframe my perspective. Written in a concise manner, really helpful info. Thanks guys!

Tiny from K's