About Andrew Monroe

An avid book monger, tabletop gaming aficionado, fitness enthusiast, obsessive coffee drinker, and can most usually be found thinking about food in its various forms but mostly about what his next dessert will be.

There’s not much to be said about his writing beyond the fact that he won the third grade Most Persuasive Essay contest in which he wished to convince his teacher to give the class an additional fifteen minutes of recess.

When not writing or pursuing one of the above hobbies, he spends most of his time in Amarillo, TX attempting to convince friends and family he’s become an almost well-adjusted adult who can (mostly) fend for himself.

Since only a lucky few get to write full time as their job, Andrew has a few other ventures, including a full time position as nepotistic executive and marketing guy at Plains Internet. For one, there's The Subtle Nerd, a print-on-demand apparel company that mostly exists for Andrew's personal custom shirt designs. Second, there's Axe & Bow, a full service, one man marketing shop where Andrew works on building clients websites, PPC Marketing, and SEO packages.

To cap it all off, he also runs the Dead by Tomorrow podcast with one of the coolest guys out there, Daniel Winter.

If you're ever curious why it takes him so long to publish a book, please see above.

Constant Life Hacker
Host of Dead by Tomorrow Podcast

My story

It was the weirdest of times, it was the fastest of times, it was the age of wise-cracking, it was the age of foolhardiness. OK, that was the best attempt at Dicken's I have. Honestly, there's a lot to unpack. The short version, with all the intersting highlights rubbed down into painful brevity is this: I'm from Amarillo, TX, and still reside there to this day. In between the beginning and now, I received my BA from Texas Tech University, learned a little Japanese, worked in sales before joining my dad's company, have had far too many near death experiences, and have traveled and read more than is probably healthy for any one individual.

About my writing

Basically, I read so much, I wanted to become a writer. This is still a work in progress, but we're up to TWO books (self-published, don't @ me, I'm in marketing, had to see what it was like) out in the world. The first was realised after I finally found enough down time thanks to a knee-injury to polish off A Leaf and Pebble, the first book in a fantasy trilogy you can find out more about here. The second, Dead by Tomorrow, was written with my friend and co-host, Daniel, and you can find out more about it here.

All my books

"All" sounds like too big a number, but we're going with it. Carpe Diem, b****.

Dead by Tomorrow

A mindset practice to help you grow and succeed in your life.

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A Leaf and Pebble

Two friends. A few airships. One shadowy group. A phenomenal ride through a new world rich in action and adventure.

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