December 15, 2023

The Books I’m Most Excited About for 2024

Books to read are way more exciting than books that have been read. Here's to 2024!

The Books I’m Most Excited About for 2024
The Books I’m Most Excited About for 2024

The Books I'm excited about

As everyone knows, you can't have a blog post without a little extra context at the beginning. So, if you want to know more about the books, get a few details, or potentially see the reviews if you're reading or re-reading this at end of year, the links are to my Notion and will have reviews, ratings, links, etc in it. Otherwise, enjoy the rather stripped down user-interface.

System Collapse

Why I want to read this:

Honestly, these books are way more fun than they have any right to be. That said, they’re generally way too short for the price. BUT, that seems to be improving. Along with that, the plot seems to be getting “thicker” so I’m excited to see what happens next.

The Sword Catcher

Why I want to read this:

This book has been catching (ha, see what I did there?) a ton of traction. Enough so that it leads me to thinking it's either real good, or has an exceptional marketing team behind it. Also, the cover just looks great. Going into this one pretty blind, but I'm excited.

The Fragile Threads of Power

Why I want to read this:

A) Supposedly, her best book yet, by far.
B) This is an incentive to catch up on the rest of the London books. Yes, this is a new series, technically. But who are we kidding? I've heard too many good things about the previous books, and have been wanting to read them.

She Who Became the Sun

Why I want to read this:

This is another one of those books where everyone is praising it to the high heavens. I do love some culturally different from my usual, especially asian, so that'll be fun. I hope.

Be Useful

Why I want to read this:

It's Arnold. That's good enough reason as it is. But unlike a lot of celebrity memoirs, his appears to actually have some actionable insight according to the people out in the world.


Why I want to read this:

After reading some Pressfield this last year, I've realised I'm rather into certain history books. Nothing is more interesting than Rome, and this is supposed to be the best intro to Rome from a historical but also readable perspective.

The Creative Act

Why I want to read this:

OK, so this is definitely a book with a great marketing team behind it. BUT, this dang cover is so great, and the title has me hooked. I can't help but want to read it, and badly.


Why I want to read this:

I'm not sure how I haven't read this one yet. I've had it queued up all 2023. Academia books are becoming a bit of a secret pleasure, and language is always a thing I dig. This book is just 100% up my alley.

Red Sky Mourning

Why I want to read this:

I've mentioned in the best of 2023 that I've really gotten into thrillers. This is the latest in the Terminal List series that's had me by the scruffy hairs on my chin. I don't know if book seven is where things will pick up, but I feel like this will be the book that the macro, behind the scenes plot starts kicking in.

The Atlas Complex

Why I want to read this:

I mentioned academia love(it's actually lust) being a thing. It's mostly because of Blake's Atlas series. I think this one is the finale, and I for one am PUMPED. There's nothing better than wrapping up a good trilogy.

Right Thing, Right Now

Why I want to read this:

I have yet to find a Ryan Holiday/Stoicism book that didn’t hit the mark. The latest round of the virtue series has been phenomenal. I expect this will be the same. Also, I was obssesed with justice as a kid, and it's definitely still a core tenent in me.

The Book That Broke the World

Why I want to read this:

I loved the first one. Lawrence is already becoming a contender for favorite authors, and it seems like each book he releases is better and better.

Bonus Content!

Was this in the blog title? Not really. Do I want to create a separate blog post for this? Nope! Beware, no cute pictures or links. This is more like a weird post somone would put up on Goodreads.

The Books I Hope Come Out

(Though I won’t hold my breath)

Doors of Stone

Oh Rothfuss. Will this be the year? I'm not mad. I promise. But that doesn't mean I'm thrilled with the wait. Please, fix my life and release the book.
Odds of it coming out: 4% likelihood.

The Thorne of Emberlain (Lies of Locke Lamora, Book 5)

I’m a little confused on this one- the German version is available for pre-order with a 01/15/25 delivery, so I'm thinking a end of 2024 deliver is likely.

It's been a HOT minute since book three came out. That said, I'd be thrilled if it finally released, I truly love this series.

Odds of it coming out: 39% likelihood.

Empyrean (Book 3, Iron Flame Sequel)

Is there a working title? If so, I haven't seen it. That said, this is looking to be a great series with fastI turnaround so I'm hopeful. It'd be weird to drop the first two books about six months apart and then go longer than a year for book three.

Odds of it coming out: 75% likelihood.

A New Dresden Files Book

It's been a couple of years since the latest Dresden. These books are so fun, and I associate them with November as a whole. That said, he just released The Olympian Affair, and as much as I like Butcher, he seems to be a book every few years kind of guy.

Odds of it coming out: 18% likelihood.

A New Neil Gaiman Book

Lord almighty, it seems like its been forever since a new, honest to god Gaiman book. He has to be up to something by now. I'm hoping for something on the level of Neverwhere or The Graveyard Book.
Odds of it coming out: 90% likelihood. I just have a feeling.

Knights of Wind and Truth (Stormlight 5)

This is honestly the book that I'm most hopeful or excited for. I'm also almost positive this is coming out in November 2024, but I don't think that's been confirmed. Sanderson is my king, and this is going to wrap up the first core of Stormlight, which is probably going to be life changing.
Odds of it coming out: 98.5% likelihood.

Lightning Prince Sequel

Mclellan was on a hot streak of book releases, and he's seemingly gone silent. Unsure of why, but I bet there's a blog or twitter that says something somewhere. I guess he did release Montego, which was pretty fun, but very much a short story. This was a great 2020/2021 book surprise, and I'd love to continue in this world.

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