March 17, 2024
Gear and EDC

EDC for 2024 (or, How to be a Loot Drop)

How to become the coolest loot drop on the block. Or, being a little more prepared.

EDC for 2024 (or, How to be a Loot Drop)
EDC for 2024 (or, How to be a Loot Drop)

EDC for 2024: What My Bag and Pockets Look Like Right Now

This is my first foray into blogging about EDC, something I'm ~moderately~ into. It's also why I'd make for a great loot drop in a zombie apocolypse.

For those that don't get into that kind of thing, everyday carry (EDC) is more than what fills our pockets—it embodies our approach to preparedness, efficiency, and personal panache.  Here's the items that promise not only to meet my daily requirements but also have helped elevate my readiness for for the day. Here's a comprehensive look at the essential gear for what I'm currently carrying this year, blending durability, tech savvy, and sleek design.

P.S. I'm no photographer, so I went and pulled stock images of most of the gear. Hopefully, I'll do a video of my bag packed out and how I organize and what not. If that's something you're interested in, let me know.

Backpack & Organizers

-Goruck GR1 Heritage (26L-Slate):
I love this bag. It's beautiful. Feels like it could take on a bomb, and fits way more into it than one would think. I started with the Cordura GR2 26L. I like this one better.
Goruck GR1 Heritage (26L)

The Glorious Bag - GR1 Heritage 26L Slate

- GR2 Field Pocket:
For organizing smaller essentials within the bag, and in my case, specifically a mix of tech gear and chargers.

GR2 Field Pocket

Goruck GR2 Field Pocket

-WANDRD Tech Bag - Small:
I use this for lockpicks, extra mags, and a lighter. To be honest, it's a little small for chargers and cables.
WANDRD Tech Bag - Small

Wandrd Tech Bag

-WANDRD Toiletry Bag:
Works as advertised! Deodarant, beard balm, floss, solid cologne, and some face lotion with spf.
WANDRD Toiletry Bag

Wandrd Toiletry Bag

Writing Tools & Planners

-“8 Bit” Tactile Turn Side Click Pen (Slim):
This one is a little hard to admit to. First, I think it's important to always have a pen on you. That said, I lost them ALL the time. So, I went and found a special edition, nerdy a.f. pen to make sure I didn't lose it. Price tag is rough. But, its been nice having a go to pen, and swapping out refills to experiment with colors and thickness.
"8 Bit" Tactile Turn Side Click Pen

Retro goodness in a pen.

-Hobonichi Techo Planner:
Probably one of the coolest planners out there. It's also all the rage in Japan. The planner is perfectly sized, has great little quotes in it, and tons of thoughtful features.
Hobonichi Techo Planner

Hoboniche Techo Planner


-SlimFold Wallet (Micro Tyvek):
These are by far the slimmest wallets I've been able to find. You can't fit a ton, but that's kind of the point.
SlimFold Wallet (Micro Tyvek)

Slimfold Wallet

Tech and Gadgets

-iPhone 15 Pro:
Look, I just really wanted the type-c charger port. That said, I have yet to use the action button is four months, but the camera is noticeably good.
iPhone 15 Pro

Yup. Priveledge at its finest.

-Flipper Zero:
This is a whole thing. No, I'm not very well versed with it, but it is fun to turn off TVs when I'm out and about. More than anything, it's a cool little thing if you're into tech but aren't smart enough to actually know how any of it works.
Flipper Zero

So cute.

-Macbook Air M2:
This is practically old at this point, but man does it work! I love it in combination with my phone, as you can copy from one to the other.
Macbook M2 Air

Yes, the M2 Air comes with me everywhere.

-Airpod Pros:
Probably my most favorite EDC. I listen to audiobooks on these during just about everything.
Airpod Pros

Airpod Pros

-Apple Watch Series 8:
I mostly use this to unlock my laptop. Lazy, I know. Step counter is nice too. But honestly, I could get away with a much cheaper model.
Apple Watch Series 8

Not pictured - my cute band.

-Anker 737 GaNPrime:
Great charger. It's a little too big sometimes, but fast charges everything like lightning.
Anker 737 GaNPrime

-CHAFON Multi Charging Cable:
This thing is so useful. Basically, every version of a charger you could need. I've used it so much. And it's dumb cheap.
CHAFON Multi Charging Cable

Health & Fitness

-Whoop + Charger:
My favorite, overpriced fitness tracker. The strain target is a great goal, and helps a ton with recovery, in my opinion.
Whoop + Charger

Also missing- the incredibly colorful band I wear.

-Theragun Mini Massage Gun:
I've had some nasty Plantar Fasciitis (see Fitness Tracker for more info there) and this has been huge for helping get it under control. Admittedly, it's not a true every day thing. But anytime I travel, it's in the bag.
Theragun Mini Massage Gun

It's smaller than it looks.

First Aid

-Ultralight Medical Kit:
Handy little kit with just about everything you'd need for the small stuff.
Ultralight Medical Kit

It's small, and the internet said it was worthing having one or two on you.

-Emergency Blanket:
Also quite small, and also something the internet said I should have. Will I ever use it? Hopefully not.
Emergency Blanket

Tools & Knives

-Leatherman Free P2:
Really, any Leatherman, or similar, is a great tool to have on you. I went with this one because it was for sale on Facebook Marketplace. It's super handy when something needs tightening or to be loosened, which happens more than it should.
Leatherman Free

-CIVIVI Elementum Dessert Warrior:
This is one of two "daily carry" knives. I like this one because it's kinda of cute, and a lot less intimidating if I'm busting a knife out for that sweet amazon addiction, or whatever else needs a blade to be used on it around other people. Plus, I love donuts.
CIVIVI Elementum Dessert Warrior

Who doesn't want a sprinkled knife?

- Daggerr Knives Parrot Liner Lock Knife Natural Jade G-10:
This is the other of my two "daily carry" knives. This one is not cute. Nor is it small. There's a number of factors that go into which knife makes it into the pocket, but of the two, this one is far more "serious" when it comes down to it. This thing is so big, it makes me feel like I'm compensating. Daggerr makes a lot of great knives if you're looking for something that's closer to a fixed blade but still folds, somehow.
Daggerr Parrot

Unlike the Theragun, this is much larger than it appears.

-Titanium Alloy Tweezers:
Annoyingly useful. Just trust me.
Titanium Alloy Tweezers

-Lockpick Set:
These are more gimmicky than not, but I bought them a LONG time ago and I love keeping them around. So far, they've helped me get through a couple of master locks, and some crappy interior doors, and gotten my car searched.


-Sig Sauer P365XL:
This can be a hot topic, but I doubt anyone reads this blog anyways. This has been an incredibly comfortable, daily concealed carry pistol. I've put a few hundred rounds through it at the range. From everything I've read, it's one of the best options out there for concealed carry. If you want to know more, holler!
Sig Sauer P365XL


-Microfiber Cloth:
I always have a microfiber with me. Wearing glasses, it's a constant battle.

-LOTR Playing Cards:
Seems silly, but I keep a deck of cards on me at almost any time. The reason is two fold. First, I know a pair of card tricks, and they manage to be occasionally useful. Second, I love playing spades. A small piece of me is constantly fantasizing about getting snowed in or something with a group of people, and playing spades a ton. Also, I love Lord of the Rings.
LOTR Playing Cards

They're so sexy.

-Shardblade Bottle Opener:
This came in one of the boxes for Year of Sanderson. Its silly, and honestly a little large to carry. But I loved it.
Shardblade Bottle Opener

Potential Upgrades For 2024

This is some of the stuff I'm hoping to either add, or replace my existing gear with.

-Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook:
I saw this as an add for some scrubs that were poorly targeted towards a person who doesn't wear them (me). That said, I thougt it was a cool field note like pocketbook. In actuality, it's a field guide to medical injuries. I definitely want to get my hands on it.
Tarascon Adult Emergency Pocketbook

Just look at that cover....

-Rhino Rescue IFAK:
This is a much beefier version of the existing medkit setup I have. The two problems being price point and size. This is probably something I'll need to add to the truck instead of the bag.
Rhino Rescue IFAK

-WE Knife Banter Dessert Warrior:
Basically, this is an upgraded, more expensive, and supposedly better version of the current dessert warrior knife I have.
WE Knife Banter Dessert Warrior

-Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool:
I've never used one, but supposedly a lot more useful and easier to use lockpicking tool. Easily an upgrade from the current picks I carry.
Lishi 2-in-1 Lock Pick Tool


This is by no means a prepared-for-everything kind of list. Mostly, this is a bag that gets me going to the coffee shop, office, the gym, and then back home with a marginal amount of flexibility in having everything I need. It lets me do a small amount of content creation, writing, work, and emergency preparedness with a few gimmicks and some self defense capabilities.

Will this get me through a doomsday scenario? No.
Will this make girls like me? Also, no.

But, it does make me feel a little more prepared. There's no better feeling than whipping out a bandaid when someone needs it, or slicing through the latest Amazon box with an overprice and oversized knife.

If there's anything you think I should add, send it on over! I'll be working on individual reviews for each of these items so if you want a deeper dive on them, keep your eyes peeled for links above to my more in-depth review on the gear.

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