November 11, 2023

October 2023 Progress Picture

October 2023 update and HTK Bodyweight wrap up.

October 2023 Progress Picture
October 2023 Progress Picture

Up another pound of muscle and down one percent on body fat. Slower progress than I would have liked, but as always, my discipline has been lacking. We had a trip to Chicago and Vegas since last picture, and food is my love language. I just re-discovered the glory that is Sam’s Club last weekend, and intend to get more serious about meal prep.

It’s been a good month. I’ve fortunately avoided any new injuries or sickness, and have been fairly consistent with my gym time.


Hard to Kill Bodyweight

Had some slippage on hitting all the days, I’ve probably slipped in an extra day of recovery every week this past month (September) and maybe more. I should have been wrapping this program up with this progress pic, but I have the final week to go still.

With that said, it’s been a pretty good program, especially for the upper body. I’m a little disappointed in the legs portion of it, but that may also be because I keep skipping all the burpees like a lame-o. It’s been effective, and I’m glad to have run it. Highly recommend to anyone needing a reset, or something different. Pushups have DEFINITELY improved doing this.


Plantar Fasciitis

I’ve kicked the knee injury that’s been plaguing me since June. Finally feel pretty solid on that front, besides the usual knee pain of existence. PT did me good.
Along with that, I had a shoulder/back injury that I did ONE set of [swimmers]( and the pain went away.

As for the Plantar, I’ve thrown out the barefoot shoes, and put on some chunky, squishy shoes and it’s helped a ton. But, I’m not in the clear yet. Played a pickleball tourney for two hours today, and I can barely put weight on the foot now….

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