November 11, 2023

November 2023 Progress Picture

Progress updated November 2023 and transition to a Crossfit program.

November 2023 Progress Picture
November 2023 Progress Picture


Rough month. Between travel (Las Vegas, Durham, and Austin) and getting sick, my gym habit was lacking, and I definitely ate way more than I should have at a lot of meals.

That said, I more or less wrapped up the bodyweight program successfully. I really enjoyed getting back to some basics and getting better at my pushup and pull-up game. Along with that, I finished at PT. The knee is fine, and getting some pointers on my deadlift paid unexpected dividends. Really going to be working on a consistent diet this November.


Crossfit (egads!)
Well. I’ve finally given in. I’d been planning on transitioning to a tactical athlete program, but I thought I might as well pull the trigger now instead of waiting a while. As of this update, I’ve hit three sessions, and they each completely smoked me. It’s been good though, the intensity is definitely something I’ve been lacking in my own lifts for a while now, and it has been fun to just show up and give it my best and not have to worry about programming and such.


Plantar Fasciitis
Lord almighty, this dang thing will not go away. I’ve found some success in making it feel better with some highly cushioned shoes, and adding in these inserts: Protalus T-100 Elite. I also grabbed a pair of Goruck’s ballistic trainers, and they seem to feel pretty good. That said, I played in a pickleball tourney just yesterday (11/3/2023) and man did it feel rough by the end.

Left Wrist
As seems to be tradition, I got a little overzealous in that third CrossFit session and finally got to throw some weight around. Went too hard on the cleans, and caught the bar a little weird and sprained/hyperextended my wrist. It doesn’t seem to be causing me any actual issues on lifts, assuming form is good, but it was definitely annoying, and is still not feeling great.

Knee, Groin, Shoulder Blade/Ribs
Everything else seems to have cleared up. I haven’t had any groin paint since getting that hip mobility going in PT. My knee seems to be cranky if I do too much pickleball or go too long without hitting some leg extensions, but otherwise, it's holding up great. The weird back pain post-pull-ups seems to be gone. Unsure if it was the swimmers stretch, or me just getting better on the pull-up/push-up form.

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