September 4, 2023

July 2023 Progress Picture

July Progress Picture and some notes about the Gym Jones Movie Prep Program.

July 2023 Progress Picture
July 2023 Progress Picture


Summer is already halfway over and I’m also over half way through the Gym Jones Movie Prep program. I've been hitting the gym pretty consistently, but definitely scaling down some of these workouts. They’re bonkers at times. Also, the train heroic app that the program is hosted inside of is legitamtely great. I loved it. That all said, you've got the pictures and data. I definitely could have done a lot better on diet (high carb, low protein would be my usual day, sadly).

In addition to following the Gym Jones Movie Prep Lifting Program, I've also been trying to cut out some of the poor choices in my diet and nutrition. I've been eating cleaner (note, that does not mean clean. Just better).

There’s been a 5-6 pound weight reduction, with a slight increase in muscle mass. In terms of visual composition and performance, nothing of note.


For those who aren't familiar, the Gym Jones Movie Prep Lifting Program is a lifting program designed to help people get in shape for roles in action movies and look good shirtless. It's a high-intensity program that focuses on building strength, power, and endurance. I started on their Tactical Athlete program a few months back, and transitioned into the movie prep at the beginning of summer. Both have been excellent, though honestly more complicated than I trend towards. Or more advanced than I'm really cut out for, if I'm being honest.


Plantar Fasciitis

This started rearing it's head during June. Seems to worsen after playing pickleball. Self diagnosed, so who knows, maybe it's cancer.

Right Groin

Always present, never consistent. Pain comes and goes randomly.

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