March 10, 2024

February 2024 Progress Picture

Progress made in February 2024 towards achieving fitness goals.

February 2024 Progress Picture
February 2024 Progress Picture


I’m up half a pound of muscle and down a percent on fat.

There hasn’t been a huge change on my lifts, but here they are:

Big 3 Lifts

Bench: 245
Squat: 335
Deadlift: 345 (only lift that went up)

I’ve been mostly keeping up with the protein, weekly sauna, and crossfit. Cardio has gone down a little. I’m going to start including a sprint workout on Sundays, and aiming for upping the protein count (and tracking macros better).


CrossFit at CFA + Random Accessory Work & Cardio

Program feelings and progress


Left Foot (Plantar Fasciitis)
Tolerable, but still annoying. I’ve had a few cardio days, and it flares up shortly after. A little stretching and it goes away. I’ve been wearing the Goruck Ballistic Trainers and most lately, the Altra Torrin 6. Both seem to be helping in their own way.

Left Wrist (Unknown)
Honestly, this has felt really close to great since last month. But its still annoying on some lifts and random movements.

Left Back, Shoulder Blade/Ribs (Scapula)
Seemed to get worse briefly, even leading up into my neck. But then I went and got a massage, and the guy threw some elbows into some knots in my shoulder and the pain went away.

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