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Andrew Monroe and his  journey.

There's a lot going on here. Consider this your warning. Marketing says find a niche, and drill down in it. But that's not been as fun as doing whatever seems interesting at the time. This is partly an author website, so I've got books I'm trying to sell on top of all the interesting stuff I like.

This is also a public journal, so check out the blog and see if there's anything that strikes your fancy. Also, another heads up, I link to Amazon a lot as it's a way to make back some of the large amounts of money I spend on ~things~. If there's a link, it's safe to assume it's one that can earn me money through their affiliate program.

Some Book Reviews

“Easy to read book with a great perspective on life. Andrew did a great job with this one!”

“So full of ideas on how to live a fuller live if you did die tomorrow and what impact you have made on your life and how to make it better.”

“I really enjoyed listening to the perspectives of these two. They provided thought-provoking and engaging points with personal anecdotes to back. It was a different angle than what I expected based on the title, and I appreciated the optimism throughout the book.”

About Andrew

Andrew Monroe is an avid book monger, tabletop gaming aficionado, fitness enthusiast, obsessive coffee drinker, and can most usually be found thinking about food in its various forms but mostly about what his next dessert will be. Learn more below!

What Readers Say About The Books

Don't worry, it's only the good reviews.

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Good character looking forward to see more of Nils journey......also looking forward to Rooks return...I am sure he has more skills to teach

Andy Uthon

This is an epic fantasy, and it reads smoothly with bits of humor that remind me of Terry Lee Goodkind! I absolutely loved reading this book and am going to be on the lookout for more from this author!

Ray Marie

Easy to read book with a great perspective on life. Andrew did a great job with this one!

Christy Melson

Helped me really cut through all the 'noise' and to reframe my perspective. Written in a concise manner, really helpful info. Thanks guys!

Tiny from K's

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